shoutout to miss Marry, the kind shopwoman that let me borrow her watch for this picture

A 30 minutes lunch break? Time entry. 12 minutes of arguing with mom? Time entry. 7 minutes of stalking my ex on Instagram? You guessed it!

That was my life over the last 4 months, being my own time tracking cop while carrying out the most outrageous experiment of my life so far. The results amazed me in ways that I would never have expected, so I decided to write about them. Who knows, maybe you’re also going to find something of value in my journey.

But first…

What the hell made me do it?

To be honest, it was a combination of frustration, anxiety and fear…

Imagine: You’re in 6th grade. Your English teacher gives you the main role in a poetry event that will appear on TV. On the big day, you walk on the stage. The camera turns upon you. Everyone’s eyes turn upon you. You take a deep breath, and… blank.

I always like to point to that story as the reason for my excessive fear of speaking in front of people. Of course, there must be lots of other reasons for it, but having a brain fart at 11 years old — on TV and in front of everyone — sounds dramatic…

Dragos Bilaniuc

Tech guy • Explorer • Avid public speaker, writer and Latino dancer. Still looking for the perfect bio.

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